Katholische Kirche S. Carlo, Puschlav

Katholische Kirche S. Carlo, Puschlav, located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It is a beautiful and historic church that serves as a popular wedding venue for couples seeking a romantic and picturesque setting. Katholische Kirche S. Carlo is considered one of the best wedding venues in Switzerland due to its stunning architecture and location. The church, built in the 17th century, boasts beautiful frescoes and ornate details. Thus making it a unique and beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies. Its location in the Puschlav Valley, surrounded by mountains and pristine Alpine landscapes, provides a breathtaking setting for wedding photography.

Moreover, the rental fees for the venue vary depending on the wedding package and the time of year. The church can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it a great option for both small and larger weddings! The venue offers a range of amenities, including a dedicated wedding coordinator, floral arrangements, and music. Katholische Kirche S. Carlo is located in the small town of Poschiavo, in the southeastern part of Switzerland. The town is known for its beautiful architecture, traditional culture, and scenic surroundings. Nearby attractions include the Bernina Express train ride, the Morteratsch Glacier, and the Stelvio Pass, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

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