Kays Creek Parkway

Kay’s Creek Parkway is a paved trail that travels through the natural neighborhoods of Layton, Utah. Also, the scenic property lies hidden in a canyon with natural scenery. Suited for your viewing pleasure! The trail offers a variety of route options. There are several areas with access points and one trailhead that provides parking near the center for your convenience too.

Also, there are interpretive signage along the trail that highlights native plants and wildlife. The lower portion is mostly flat, good for hiking by all abilities. But not easily accessible due to steepness near Hobbs Reservoir. Making it unsuitable for strollers or wheelchairs users. Kays Creek Parkway is a lovely forested trail that runs through neighborhoods. The main entrance to Kays Creek Park and the parking lot at Adam J Welker Trailhead offer many opportunities for picnicking, fishing in pristine waters or just hanging out with friends and loved ones.

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