Keys Lounge

Keys Lounge is a welcoming and fashionable bar with an ambiance befitting its name. Escape to Keys for exquisite cocktails or enjoy one in their outdoor patio. Also, Keys Lounge is a legendary cocktail bar and has been around for over 50 years! Along with the name and iconic KEYS sign that’s reminiscent of its history in the industry. In addition, come and experience for yourself the warmth and splendid atmosphere that this place has to offer.

Further, Keys Lounge is a haven for all things food, drink, and art. With music playing in the background to match your mood, Keys will have you feeling right at home with their delicious menu of drinks! Keys Lounge is a historic restaurant and lounge in the midst of an unlikely transformation. It was once just another forgotten part of town, but now has been reborn as something extraordinary: welcoming to all with its preservationist values that reflect who they are today!

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