Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls is the closest of the major Columbia River Gorge waterfalls to Portland, and it’s also one-of-a kind! It’s a tall single plunge waterfall with an undercut amphitheater at its base. Spilling over 224 feet high on both sides! Truly, Latourell embodies all that you’ll love about natural beauty in Oregon! So get that camera ready for that once in a lifetime engagement photoshoot!

On one hand, the loop hike here takes you to the Latourell Creek to see the two-tiered Upper Latourell Falls. After which, you’ll simply wind down below the state park’s picnic area. In addition, you’ll see the splash of color that brightens the dark basalt walls with chartreuse-colored golden cobblestone lichen (Pleopsidium flavum). The contrast is stunning too, as it makes its way up to the upper amphitheater where visitors can view these lower falls from just above the trailhead. Also, vibrant green moss thrives in this area, creating a colorful canvas for nature’s masterpiece that will leave you speechless!

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