Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards is a family-owned Delaware Valley farm with 300 acres of vast beauty. A trip to Linvilla creates memories that last forever for families who have returned year after year here. In order to experience all the things that make this orchard special!

Imagine a place where the whole family can have fun together and explore different activities all year round. That’s what Linvilla Orchards is like! Different seasons bring new things for members of your crew to enjoy. Whether they’re looking forward for pumpkin pulling time or going on a hayride through the fields with friends in tow. If that’s not enough for you, then climb aboard a passenger train and speed through scenic grounds on an adventure seekers’ delight. The farm animals in the barnyard are waiting for you to visit them too. You can also go fishing at their Orchard Lake. There’s also a Farm Market, Beer Garden and Swim Clubs here. Surely, who wouldn’t love this place?

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