Longwood Gardens

With vast acres of lush property, Longwood Gardens make wonders for garden design and horticulture! Visitors can explore the extensive facilities here, that includes educational displays with an emphasis on agriculture. As well as hands-on experiences like workshops or lectures from top experts in their fields. All while enjoying breathtaking scenery at one of the most beautiful botanical institutions anywhere!

Step into the world’s greatest garden and see for yourself. The story of Longwood is one that combines legacy, innovation, stewardship in its highest form, with a living expression through all things inspiring to pique your interest or awe you. Also, Longwood is a place that has been loved by people for centuries. The Lenni Lenape tribe and Quaker farmers before it were in possession of this majestic land. Which they used to cultivate and grow crops. In the 1800s, it went through significant transformations. Before becoming one of America’s most popular gardens for million visitors each year!

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