Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

A historic Riverside destination, Mission Inn Hotel and Spa offers a variety of beautiful venues for weddings, from ceremonies to receptions. Grand as it may, they have that enchanting charm that sure fits for your perfect day. Now, if you’re looking for something intimate or extravagant, Mission Inn has it all! Moreover, you’ll have ample of options when it comes to planning your big event. Yet, this time, you are served with unique locations!

The Inn has been the standard bearer for signature occasions. It’s where generations of families have come together to share their special day with friends and loved ones in a setting that will forever remain important and timeless. The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, often referred to as the “Crown Jewel” of Inland Southern California offers dozens of reception sites in the Riverside area. The region’s only hotel chapel, St. Francis of Assisi awaits you!

Throughout the grounds, you’ll find secluded gardens and patios too. While being situated among grand staircases that soar high into domes or tower. A world-class art collection awaits within these surroundings. Especially for those who are looking to take their wedding pictures amidst an opulent décor! Indeed, Mission Inn Hotel’s notable architecture truly makes it stand out! With its site-wide beauty perfectly unmatched – your wedding will be delightfully worth remembering.

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