Mueller Park Trailhead

For those who enjoy a good mountain bike, Mueller Park provides the perfect environment. The winding trails are lined with scenic views that allow you to take in your surroundings. While staying active on two wheels too! You’ll find that it’s not just about enjoying nature here – there are plenty of benches for resting or taking photos across from Elephant Rock where one can watch an amazing sunset over Great Salt Lake. Perhaps at its best during summer heat waves or even those chilly winter days.

Also, as you walk through the forest on your hike up to Elephant Rock, there are patches of shade and sun that fluctuate along with it. From here all the way until reaching this glorious landmark at least one thing remains constant: less elevation gain! As you follow the narrow trail deep into a forest, it abruptly turns back towards an opening in these hills. An occasional wooden bridge helps to cross any waterways along here! A steep footpath leads down to Elephant Rock if you wish to climb onto the rock itself. A trip must be taken with caution as it can get slippery when wet, especially in high winds or during rainstorms! Once on top, enjoy panoramic views from all five sides before returning down again.

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