Mulagljufur Canyon

Múlagljúfur Canyon is one of the most scenic attractions in all of Iceland that will leave you feeling awestruck. In fact, you can find Mulafoss and Hangandifoss Waterfalls here. This stunning Múlagljúfur Canyon is located in the south of Iceland. It also has narrow paths and small overgrown bushes that provide an environment for wild flora to thrive. The best and most favorable time for hiking is during the summer season. You can explore long terrains with your friends or family members in this beautiful place.

Moreover, hikes in the autumn and spring can be treacherous due to slippery mud, but a different story during summer. So if you want a one of a kind experience that will surely be remembered for a long time, tie the knot here! The trail is a photographer’s dream and the view will leave you speechless. You can spend hours just taking in all that beauty, from both up close as well as far away!

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