MyMoon Restaurant and Event Venue

MyMoon Restaurant and Event Venue is an abandoned factory that has been beautifully and carefully restored. Now, it serves as a well-crafted space for any occasion. The atmosphere of the old building creates a unique and memorable experience. Especially for guests who are curious about its history or looking to celebrate their own special day in style!

Knowingly, MyMoon is an industrial-inspired restaurant that’s a feast for the eyes and stomach. With its exposed brick walls, wooden floor boards, and high ceilings with old light fixtures hanging like vines in a rainforest canopy. There are also comfortable booths refurnished from cast off parts of factories or other buildings, such as steel beams and washers. MyMoon has it all! The atmosphere glistens just enough to be pleasing to people who appreciate fine things: but not too much where you’ll need sunglasses inside. And needless to say, there are plenty of delicious meals on their menu so no one will want leave hungry. In addition, it offers the perfect venue for your vows. Offering two-level outdoor areas to enjoy. So, when you’re ready to say “I do” with that special someone, there’s no better place than MyMoon!

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