Palace Elisabeth, Hvar Heritage Hotel

The Palace Elisabeth is a hotel that embodies the beauty of Hvar’s past and present. In fact, it has an elegant combination with its unique architecture and exceptional design features. The Palace Elisabeth is a unique and luxurious hotel in the heart of Hvar. With its rich history, Renaissance architecture, as well as 5 star service, this venue really stands out from other hotels on offer!

Moreover, you can enjoy unique rooms with hand-painted murals that offer amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. Also, Stay in style while enjoying luxurious amenities such as an indoor swimming pool and spa facilities. On one hand, the cuisine here is so fresh and flavorsome, it will make your taste buds burst with joy! The intimate wedding parties can be held on only a few locations within the hotel. Hvar’s grand dame in particular offers magnificent views for those looking to exchange vows.

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