Paulus Mt. Airy Orchards

Paulus Mt. Airy Orchards is a farm in Pennsylvania that grows apples and other fruit trees. With a vast 150 acres of orchard, providing plenty for all visitors to enjoy! You’ll find more than 25 varieties from which you can choose your favorite type of peaches, plums (nectarines), pears and more. I’m sure your taste buds won’t regret trying them out at this great farm stand!

The smell of fresh fruits, the sound of children’s laughter and parents’ cheers fill your senses. You’ve come to this place for one purpose – to pick as much fruit possible before they are all gone! Also, you can take the chance to have a full photo session here! Just look at the lush ground and what this property has to offer. In the middle of summer, you’ll find yourself with a craving for something sweet. Why not go to your favorite farm and pick some berries? You could try strawberries in particular this time around since they’re juicy. Meanwhile, the farm is also the perfect place to get lost in a corn maze. Search through acres of pumpkins for your spooky sweet treat this Halloween as well.

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