Phipps Conservatory

Phipps Conservatory is a beautiful venue for weddings all year round. With its victorian glasshouse design, it’s perfect for couples who want an outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature. The Conservatory also offers a variety of indoor spaces for receptions and other events. And with its on-site catering, planning a wedding at Phipps is easy and stress-free. Plus, there are plenty of nearby hotels and restaurants for your guests to choose from.

Also, from the brick-lined Mellon Park to the lush gardens and glass-enclosed esplanades, Phipps provides a setting like no other. But what really sets Phipps apart as a wedding venue is its commitment to sustainability. From the food served at weddings to the flowers in the bouquets, everything at Phipps is sourced from local, sustainable growers. So not only will your wedding be beautiful and unique, but it will also be eco-friendly. That’s why Phipps Conservatory is the best choice for couples who want to celebrate their love while also supporting the environment.

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