Piedmont Community Hall

The Piedmont Community Hall is located in a picturesque setting and has plenty of space for your next event. If you’re looking to host an elegant soiree or just want somewhere different, this place will be perfect! Also, with a variety of colorful trees and shrubs in the area, there’s no shortage of natural beauty outside this building!

Azaleas along with camellias provide splashes for color near circular landscaped plaza fronting on it. Redwoods are also present which shade portions at times when needed, as well as making it part of the scenery. The garden is home not only to a beautiful Tea House, but also an intimate spot for couples who want some privacy before their big day. It’s perfect if you’re having your wedding here too.

In addition, the Tea House is a great spot for entertaining guests or serving food during long summer days. The removable walls allow you to move it outside when weather permits. Making this an ideal venue no matter what time of year! On one hand, the Piedmont Community Hall has a Mediterranean look with light taupe walls and terracotta tile roof. This city-owned facility is so sophisticated you would never believe it!

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