Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church

The breathtaking views of the Santa Barbara area are visible from this wedding venue. You’ll be able to enjoy them all as your guests dance in anticipation or take pictures. All while enjoying delicious food and drinks on site at St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church!

To illuminate, the Greek Orthodox Church is a powerful and ancient institution. It embodies the rich spiritual treasures of Eastern Christian beliefs. One definition for ‘Orthodox’ in this context means ‘true praise.’ To bless, praise or glorify God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – their fundamental purpose as an organization is what sets them apart from other religions on earth today.

In addition, this venue has an Event Center that is perfect for those who love landscapes with ancient olive trees and robust lemon ones. It also has a picturesque backdrop that mirrors the land of Greece. The blue church dome is a historical landmark, perfect for your next wedding or event! For couples looking to host an intimate, but still stylish wedding that will be remembered for years after – you can choose from two exquisite locations: The dainty church or their lovely outdoor terrace with a courtyard fountain. As a matter of fact, in the large indoor area, guests can enjoy cocktails and appetizers, while their feet are warm in front of a beautiful fireplace. On the other side is an outdoor space with views that add to this reception hall’s already impressive ambiance. Additionally, they’re able eat outside if they so choose.

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