Sikh Gurdwara Sahib of San Jose

The Sikh Gurdwara Sahib of San Jose was founded in 1984, it sits on forty acres overlooking Silicon Valley, and is the largest of its kind in North America. Because of that, this beautiful landmark is a perfect backdrop for an Indian Sikh wedding. The views and the architecture are breathtaking too. Making it ripe with opportunities to capture unique memories of true love!

Looking back, the need for such an institution had been growing rapidly with many people coming in recent years, and there was nothing available to attend. Until this place opened its vast doors to all members of the community. The first phase of this project was completed with the entire infrastructure for 12 million dollars. After which, it cost 20 million to complete the second phase, and today, this sacred building stands tall!

More importantly, this facility welcomes members of all religions. As it strongly follows a universal message which promotes peace by not discriminating against anyone. Also, with that, an open-door policy enables visitors to enjoy services. As well as eat authentic food, and to simply take wondrous photos.

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