Snowbasin Resort

If you’re looking for a wedding and reception venue with all natural scenery, then look no further than Snowbasin Resort. The day-to-day activities are just as beautiful as the landscape itself. Surrounded by mountains and set in the forest, your wedding will surely be a fairy-tale celebration! You will find that the vast array of options for your event are only limited by how big or small you want them. There is indoor space available at each site, as well as two outdoor locations to choose from. Not to mention, this is the ultimate engagement photo session location!

Also, you’ll find the Needle’s Lodge here. It is a beautiful and unique cabin, showcasing stunning wooden beams and an impressive stone fireplace with flame-bronzed logs blazing on the hearth. Welcoming you when entering from your outdoor patio area with another chandelier to complete this room’s cozy ambiance. Additionally, some people might call it a dining hall, but the Huntington Room at Earl’s Lodge is much more than that. It’s an elegant space with gorgeous views. It also has cozy seating by a large fireplace inside during those cold winter nights.

The award-winning catering service at Snowbasin provides a wide variety of food and drink options tailored to individual tastes. The staff will handle all your glassware, china, flatware (including linen), and bar ware needs. So that you can enjoy the party without worrying about anything but having fun. Your dream wedding is just a phone call away. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, minimalist affair with vintage details or prefer something more casual and trendy – they’ve got what you need!

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