St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

In 1926, St. Mary’s Cathedral has stood as a centerpiece of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. Since then, it has served as an architectural symbol for Catholicism in this region. The church belongs to 400,000 Catholics who attend worship services at the cathedral on Sundays. Where they gather with friends or family members, while also being open to those seeking refuge from their own troubles. It is both a place for celebration but also one that offers solace during difficult times.

To reflect: from the beginning, marriage has been a part of God’s plan that is oriented toward eternal participation in “wedding feast of the lamb” (Rev 19:7,9. With that, in order to be married in this sacred cathedral, one of the couple should be Catholic. It is for a way to practice the importance of the most beloved sacrament. Still, St. Mary’s Cathedral is a lively parish with diverse members who are passionate about their faith. Also, as they are committed to community service. Visitors will be welcomed by open-hearted hosts in this welcoming congregation that strives for justice, peace, equality, and even fun!

Further, the Jacobberger and Smith firm designed the Cathedral, which is in a Romanesque style with some Byzantine features. The stained glass windows are from an earlier cathedral; statues of Sacred Heart and the Blessed Mother were brought in by Benedictine monks at Mount Angel Monastery. Above all this, the Povey Brothers dome dates back to 1926 as does one set of Stations of Cross on display there today. Truly historic on its own way.

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