St. Steven’s Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Excited to celebrate the commitment of love, St. Steven’s Serbian Orthodox Cathedral welcomes you fully! Your decision to marry in the cathedral is an indication of how important Christianity is for you as a couple. Along with the essence of sacramental life! Your wedding in this venue will truly be heavenly and hands down full of genuine love.

Further, within their sacred belief, marriage is a holy contract through which two people make an eternal commitment to each other. This rite of crowning symbolizes what’s most important about marriage – that they (the couple) are now one flesh in Christ. Amazingly enough, it is a beautiful, lifelong commitment that should be celebrated with all of ones hearts.

In addition, the cathedral’s office staff will assist you with any necessary forms, or other issues pertaining towards your wedding. This especially involves scheduling meetings with the Cathedral Dean, Fr. Nicholas Ceko. You don’t have to worry much, as the said staff will be assigned to you all throughout the preparation. For you to feel at ease, as they lead you through the rehearsals before taking on their role in assisting with any way possible.

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