Swatara State Park

The 3,520-acre Swatara State Park is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The rolling fields are perfect for walking, hiking or running. While you can also enjoy the scenery that can be found along side some winding creeks. All along in this valley surrounded by mountains. Swatara State Park is a great place to spend an afternoon. It’s open every day of the year, sunrise-sunset, and offers many activities for you too!

On the other hand, visitors are asked to limit the amount of trash they bring with them and take all recyclables home. Swatara State Park participates in a carry-in/carryout program for small parks. Which means that there’s no waste disposal facility on site at either park headquarters or any other locations within the property boundaries. Still, its picturesque surrounding will definitely be one for the books.

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