The Gaston Dallas Bed and Breakfast

You’ll find the perfect venue for your wedding or event at the Gaston Dallas. Also, with its modern style and vintage charm, this rejuvenated space will offer you an inviting setting. All of which you can celebrate with family and friends! In addition, this venue has a long history, being established in 1918. The renovations have refurbished the space to make it more modern and appealing for today’s guests. Especially for those who want an event with traditional roots mixed up with some contemporary flair.

Moreover, the serene gardens are the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. You’ll never forget that first kiss under the moonlight as well! When you’re looking for an intimate and romantic place to get married, look no further than the Gaston Dallas. Whether your guests will be sitting outdoors in their own private ceremony space or inside enjoying cocktails – the choices are all yours!

When you arrive at this elegant and welcoming venue, it will be like walking into an oasis. The beautiful décor is enough to put anyone’s mind at ease; especially when they know that all their needs can easily be met here! The five guest rooms at this venue provide a unique experience for visitors. The well-maintained home has plenty of charm, with each room decorated in an individual style that adds to its appeal.

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