The Huntington Botanical Gardens

The Huntington Botanical Gardens are a breathtaking 130 acre complex of 16 different gardens. The owner, Henry E. Huntington purchased the San Marino Ranch before. With its citrus groves and nut orchards in 1903. In order to create this oasis for nature lovers all over America! Today, the wonderful property covers an area of 207 acres, 130 of which are open to visitors. As this giant botanical garden includes over 27,000 species of plants.

Moreover, the Huntington has an extensive collection of botanical living collections. Which are highlighted by orchids and camellias. For those who enjoy gardening in their spare time, this is a great place to visit! Restoring these core collections is an important way to conserve the plants for future generations. The collections at the Huntington are an essential part of their educational programming. They offer lectures, workshops, and demonstrations with plants for sale along the way!

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