The Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Step inside the former Hotel Utah and be transported back in time to an olden but golden era. With twelve elegant banquet rooms that can accommodate hundreds of guests. Truly, you’ll feel like royalty! In addition, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is the perfect place to have your wedding! Also, the beautiful scenery and historic ambiance will create amazing backdrops. Especially for all of those memorable photos you take!

Moreover, once you step inside, your eyes are taken on an enchanting journey through time. You’ll see touches of the opulent and privileged life in here. As well as feeling as if you have entered into a world where Hollywood’s golden era is alive and well! The building is a sight to behold with its stunning architecture and rich history. The walls are lined by warm wooden pews too. Along with Victorian tapestries adorn every corner of the space in between them. This gorgeous building is the perfect place to hold an elegant wedding! With soaring ceilings, stunning crystal chandeliers and gold accents in every corner. It will be hard for you and your guests not to fall head over heels with how majestic this venue really is.

On one hand, the renowned Temple Square can also be seen in most rooms. Starting from the arched-ceiling windows large enough to provide a spectacular view of the outside. Also, you can adore the lavish carpeting of plush blue, green and brown hues too. While enjoying the opulent mood for all of your festivities!

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