The Old Mill

Ever dreamed of a rustic wedding at the Old Mill? This quaint venue is located in Media, PA, and is nestled amidst serene woods. Also, the natural flow from outside to inside makes it easy for you and your guests to enjoy all aspects of this enchanting place throughout the entire event! The Old Mill will be a place of beauty and tranquility for your wedding. Their expert event planners will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, so that every detail is handled from start-to-finish. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy all the planning without any stress or worry about anything going wrong on your big day!

Furthermore, The Old Mill offers a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for your glorious celebration. You can choose from their Marrying Meadow, Garden Courtyard, Bamboo Garden or River View. All with its own unique charm to suit any mood you’re looking for on your big day! Also, for those who want an event that’s as intimate as it is magical (with plenty of beautiful backdrops), they can host cocktails at the Timber Pavilion year round; perfect no matter what weather conditions are being forecasted.

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