The Olmsted

The Splendid Estate of Olmstead, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Louisville, Kentucky, graces an expansive 81-acre expanse, once the cherished grounds of the Masonic Homes of Kentucky. The architectural marvel, a creation brought to life between the years 1925 and 1927, emerged under the skilled guidance of Joseph and Joseph, a visionary architectural duo. Their ingenious design positioned the edifice along the outer perimeter of the estate, while the heart of the property cradled the dining hall, a vibrant epicenter of activity for the denizens of yesteryears. Subsequent refinement of Olmstead’s blueprint was meticulously crafted by the esteemed Olmstead Brothers, renowned custodians of natural sanctuaries.

Premises and Capacity

Within the embrace of Olmstead’s embrace, three enchanting event spaces unfold, ranging from indoor opulence to the open embrace of the uncovered outdoors, capable of hosting up to 600 esteemed guests. Johnson Hall, the esteemed dining haven, lay dormant during the twilight years of the 1980s until the late 1990s. Since its reawakening, it has gracefully welcomed over a thousand families, harmoniously intertwining with the manifold offerings of Olmstead’s grandeur. Amidst the grace of this historical haven, your matrimonial celebration shall unfold, its allure amplified by tree-framed pathways and expansive, sun-kissed meadows.

Assorted Offerings

Olmstead extends its gracious arms to betrothed couples, generously offering spaces for both solemn ceremonies and jubilant receptions. The comforts of ample parking and thoughtful wheelchair accessibility ensure the convenience of you and your cherished guests. A comprehensive range of services is extended, encompassing meticulous cleanup, expert event coordination, an in-house bar boasting libations of distinction, delectable in-house culinary creations, lighting and sound orchestration, seamless collaboration with external vendors, and the adeptness of arrangement. As the crescendo of your celebration, a dance floor awaits, complemented by an array of event enhancements, encompassing:

  1. Audio Enchantment
  2. Centerpiece Elegance
  3. Seating Finery
  4. Furniture Embellishments
  5. Illumination Enchantment
  6. Tablescapes of Grandeur

Culinary Delights

While sumptuous dinners unfurl at Olmstead’s behest, an alternate choice graces the dawn of celebrations – a splendid breakfast or brunch, held within the embrace of the venerable dining hall. Attentive servers orchestrate a symphony of gastronomic delights, available in buffet-style opulence, plated sophistication, and station-inspired creativity. Ephemeral moments are graced with delicate hors d’oeuvres and tantalizing desserts, harmonizing with your chosen fare. The ceremonial cutting of the cake is meticulously overseen, with provision for external confections. Delightful cocktail receptions and tastings beckon, accompanied by the in-house bar’s versatile elixirs, flowing under the artful stewardship of skilled bartenders. Revel in the embrace of:

  1. House-crafted Brews
  2. Distinctive Potables
  3. Refined Vintages
  4. Premium Nectars
  5. Signature Mixology Creations

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