The Pennsylvania State Capitol

Pennsylvania’s State Capitol is a magnificent architectural wonder, an artistic masterpiece and symbol of democracy. The Capitol is a building that belongs to the people. It stands as not only the seat for Pennsylvania’s government. But also houses museums to preserve the history in this great state! The building is a reflection of the many styles and influences that have shaped America all throughout the years too.

The historic Capitol building is a beautiful example of American Renaissance style. As it features paintings and furnishings from its inception to today. The structure was designed by the renowned Philadelphia architect, Joseph Huston. Who also added stained glass windows in order to give it an additional flair. Crafted from the era that he had chosen as his own. One which values beauty above all else! The building incorporates various Renaissance designs in some of its largest rooms. The Italian style can be found on the House Chamber, French is present with regard to Senate Chambers, and English decorates in the Governor’s Reception.

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