Tony Grove Lake

The Tony Grove Lake is the perfect place to explore a colorful summertime scene during July and August. The area around this scenic lookout is perfect for photo sessions. As it features rolling meadows filled with flowers that are so bright they’ll make your heart skip a beat! The Tony Grove nature trail is a must-see for any true outdoor enthusiast. The geology and plant life on this pristine land are unlike anything else in the area, making it one of those places that you’ll remember for a long time.

Also, a beautiful, peaceful campground is located on the outer banks. There is also a fully accessible boardwalk and picnic area that can be found near the water. It has been specially designed with convenience in mind too. So that visitors don’t need to walk far or carry anything onsite! On one hand, be aware that while hiking outdoors, wildlife encounters are a high possibility. Moose can often been seen around the lake and bees enjoy both flowers in their natural environment as well!

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