Tunnel Springs Park

If you want a picturesque landscape with breath-taking views, then head on over to Tunnel Springs Park in North Salt Lake. One can find so many different things at Tunnel Springs Park. Beautiful Russian olive trees stand next to tall cattails and verdant rolling hills. Providing photographers with endless opportunities for breathtaking shots all throughout the park’s landscape!

The picturesque view from the top of North Salt Lake is one that you will never forget. The Oquirrh Mountains and Great Salt Lake are visible, as well as all other mountains in between! A photographer’s dream come true, Tunnel Springs Park is a one-stop shop for all of your photography needs. You’ll find the perfect place to shoot engagements and bridals with its unique thatched wood-pole fence. Or you can get some beautiful family pictures taken on this walking path in front of an unforgettable backdrop as well.

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