Water Works | Cescaphe

Another exquisite venue by Cescaphe is the Water Works, with its climactic façade that guests will truly love! In particular, it has a combination of Neoclassical architecture and then-revolutionary technology. As a matter of fact, the famous Charles Dickens even graciously praised it as a “pleasant design”. But what makes this venue extra special is the fact that it also offers a variety of elegant settings of its own. Namely, the Engine House, Grand Pavilion and Mill House – each has its own unique space to show. How astounding is that!

On the contrary, not only that this venue is pleasing to the eyes, it also provides high-class amenities for personalized usage. Moreover, the Water Works exhibits luxury in one place, with its lavish interior spaces and columned walkways. While the vintage gazebo sets as a landmark, so is the Art Museum that’s perched dramatically above the Boathouse Row and along Schuylkill River. Thus, with its magnificent views, stunning structures and landscaped grounds, you can even add an outdoor ceremony to your reception. Keeping it a natural choice, just in case you want a much scenic and breathtaking backdrop.

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