Wellsville Mountains

If you’re looking to get your heart racing and lungs working overtime, then this hike is for you! The Wellsville Mountains are not only the steepest range in Utah but also one of the most beautiful. The Wellsville Mountains are a 14-mile long range that lacks any substantial foothills. The steepness of these mountains make them one of the most challenging ranges in Rocky Mountains. But don’t let that stop you! The beauty and solitude found in these mountains is waiting for those brave enough to find it.

The Wellsville Range is a perfect example of how the Wilderness Act of 1964 worked. By the late 1940s overgrazing and fires had left these mountains nearly void of vegetation. Luckily, there were some concerned citizens who put their money on where it counts. By purchasing land with intentions to gift it back from grazing once again!


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Wellsville Mountains, Utah 84339, USA

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