West 12 Ranch

West 12 Ranch is a place of rustic California beauty, where you can find the green grasses on one side and a scenic photo studio in another! It’s not just picturesque views that West 12 offers; it also has unique glass art pieces for your viewing pleasure as well. Now, with their newest offering – Carriage House Air BnB rental – this ranch will leave every guest breath taken by its elegant charm!

Further, West 12 Ranch is a place of rare beauty and intrigue. The rolling green acres house the ranch’s Kiger mustangs, which are unique for their markings that make them stand out against other herds. Imagine your special event brought to life by the rustic elegance of their vintage sofas and portable chandeliers. Browse West 12 Ranch Event Rentals for all things wedding! You can then email them with a vision that brings you together in this dreamy and realistic setting.

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