White Cliffs of Conoy

The White Cliffs of Conoy is one of the most photographed landmark in Central Pennsylvania. It’s a great place for visitors looking to get out and see something different from their city life. With beautiful sceneries that will make any spine tingle! These cliffs are the result of a long-forgotten limestone quarry that once existed up on top. Once pulled from the ground, rocks were crushed and burned in order to create various products for local farms and businesses alike.

During the industrial revolution, large amounts of limestone and dolomite were deposited along rivers. This created impressive white mountains up to 30 feet tall. Which is now known as the White Cliffs of Conoy! You’ll be surprised to know that up until mid-Summer 2014, these cliffs were private property. However, thanks for Conoy Township’s recent change in ownership – now visitors can go on hikes through this spectacular place. With amazing views of both the river below as well as upstream!

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