Willamette Heritage Center

The Mid-Willamette Valley is a truly unique place steeped in historical treasures. If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding day while stepping back in time, the Willamette Heritage Center offers a delightful setting. The early settlement buildings, dating back to the 1840s, will pique the curiosity of you and your guests, creating an exciting atmosphere of exploration.

At WHC, you’ll discover a variety of versatile spaces that can be used for both your wedding ceremony and reception. The Spinning Room, with its expansive open floor, features bright white walls and windows that provide scenic views of the property. This space is perfect for couples with unique decor ideas, where lights, lanterns, and floral arrangements can quickly transform it into a welcoming and celebratory site.

For those seeking a rustic yet elegant wedding reception, the Dye House is an excellent choice, boasting beautiful wood floors and beams that add to its charm. And if you wish to exchange vows on-site, the Pleasant Grove Church presents a charming option nestled by the water, adorned with delicate light purple accents and a cozy interior that fills with the love of your wedding day. The Willamette Heritage Center offers a blend of history and charm to make your special day truly unforgettable.

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