Wedding Recessional Tips and Inspiration

A wedding recessional is the walk back down the aisle after the wedding ceremony. The recessional typically happens after the bride and groom have been announced husband and wife and have shared their first kiss. The wedding party and guests follow the couple out, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen leading the way. The recessional is often accompanied by music, and it provides a joyous and celebratory ending to the ceremony. To make sure you have the best possible wedding recessional, here are a few tips for your big day followed by some wedding recessional inspiration from our photographers.

Slow down and enjoy the moment!

wedding recessional

The wedding recessional only lasts seconds, so be sure to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Look at your brand new spouse, make eye contact with your guests, smile, and take your time.  There is absolutely no rush when it comes to remembering and celebrating this incredible once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Cue Upbeat and Happy Music

wedding ceremony exit recessional

While the wedding processional music is often slower and more romantic, wedding recessional music should be more upbeat and celebratory.  Everyone is feeling good and ready to celebrate with the cocktail hour and reception.  The music should match the vibe.

Of course, this might not apply if you’re having a religious ceremony, such as a catholic ceremony, so be sure to check with the wedding venue and officiant to make sure your music is appropriate.

Add Petal Tosses, Bubbles or Other Exciting Elements

wedding recessional petal toss

If you’re looking for fun and unique wedding recessional ideas, consider adding petals for the guests to toss, bubbles for the guests to blow, or other Exciting Elements. This will add an element of joy, movement and excitement to your wedding that everyone will remember!

Kiss or dip at the end of the aisle

wedding ceremony exit

As we mentioned in our wedding first kiss article, consider a kissing, dipping, or lifting wedding pose at the end of the aisle.  This creates an iconic photo from your wedding, full of emotion with all of your guests in the background of the photo.


The wedding recessional may only last a minute or so but it’s one of the most memorable and beautiful moments from the entire day.  If you look at the expressions in wedding recessional photos, you’ll see happy faces on the couple as well as all of the wedding guests in attendance.  This makes it some of the best photos from the entire day, and common selections for wall art and wedding albums.

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