10+ Maid of Honor Duties You’ll Want to Remember

When you’re deep in the whirlwind of wedding planning, having your maid of honor by your side can be a true lifesaver. She’s your right-hand woman, your confidante, and often your voice of reason during this wonderfully hectic time. The role of the maid of honor has evolved, but her essence remains the same: to support and uplift the bride throughout the wedding journey.

The Maid of Honor is typically the bride’s best friend, sister, or close relative. The Maid of Honor duties list can be vast, so we’ve put together a concise list to help you out. Instead of bombarding you with any and every possible thing that a maid of honor does before, during, and after the wedding, we’ll separate the roles into two categories, 1) primary duties and 2) other duties.

3 Primary Maid of Honor Duties

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Here are the main duties of the Maid of Honor for most weddings. In our opinion, these are the three most important duties for the Maid of Honor.

  1. Maid of Honor Speech – This is the big one and the one that most maid of honors are most nervous about. For tips on the Maid of Honor speech, see this article on how to write a maid of honor speech.
  2. Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party – Before the wedding, the maid of honor is typically in charge of throwing the bride a bridal shower and/or bachelorette party. From a quaint tea party to a weekend getaway, the maid of honor often takes the lead in planning pre-wedding events. She knows your taste and will ensure the events reflect your personality. When my best friend got married, her maid of honor organized a spa day followed by a dinner. It was perfect because it allowed the bride to relax and enjoy time with her closest friends without the stress of planning.
  3. Holding the Bouquet and Helping with the Wardrobe – During the ceremony, the maid of honor is commonly in charge of holding the bride’s bouquet. If the dress has a long train, the maid of honor is also in charge of making sure the dress looks neat and orderly.

Other Maid of Honor Duties

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Now that we’ve listed the primary Maid of Honor duties, here is a list of other possible duties of a rockstar Maid of Honor. Many of the duties below will be handled by a good Wedding Planner, but there are times when the Maid of Honor should step up and help out. Also, many of these things kind of “go without saying” and are just natural instincts for good friends. So all in all, don’t stress too much about each and every point. Just be there for her and ready to help when needed.

Planning Process Help (Selecting Vendors, Discussing Styles, Etc)

Imagine someone who can dive into the details with you, from tasting cakes to picking out centerpieces. That’s your maid of honor. When I was planning my sister’s wedding, she was instrumental in keeping track of all vendor communications, which was a huge relief for both of us. She even created a shared digital folder for all the contracts and designs, making everything easily accessible.

Your Emotional Anchor

Beyond the logistics, the maid of honor provides emotional support. She’s there through the ups and downs, ready with a tissue or a word of encouragement. During my own wedding, my maid of honor noticed I was getting overwhelmed and whisked me away for a quick walk outside. Those five minutes of breathing fresh air and laughing about an inside joke changed the whole day for me.

Dress Shopping and Style Advisor

Whether it’s choosing the perfect dress or deciding on makeup looks, your maid of honor gives honest feedback. She knows your style and can help communicate this to vendors. Remember, she’s there to ensure you look and feel your best.

Assisting with Guests and Family

Your maid of honor may be needed to help coordinate the wedding party and family. She might play peacekeeper between feuding relatives or guide out-of-town guests. Her presence helps to maintain harmony and ensure everyone enjoys the celebration. During my cousin’s wedding, the maid of honor was pivotal in helping an elderly relative feel included and comfortable throughout the event.

Anything Else!

Your maid of honor may be needed to step up and handle other aspects of the day. The amount she has to handle will depend on a variety of factors, such as the involvement of the wedding planner, the roles of the best man, and the unique circumstances of the wedding. However, here are a few more roles to consider:

  1. Holding The Bride’s Phone
  2. Preparing A “Wedding Survival Kit” For The Entire Wedding Party
  3. Keeping Track Of Gifts
  4. Dropping Off Any Reception Items
  5. Keeping The Bridal Suite Organized
  6. Keeping The Bride Energized, Fed, And Hydrated
  7. Helping The Bride Get Dressed (And Go To The Restroom)
  8. Helping The Bride Stay Fresh And Touched Up
  9. Holding The Partner’s Ring (Until The Ceremony)
  10. Helping To Gather Friends And Family For Wedding Photos


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The last tip is to make sure you enjoy yourself. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed, as that stress can inadvertently get passed along to the wedding couple. No wedding goes without a few minor hiccups, so just do your best to be supportive with lots of positive vibes.  A wedding is a celebration of many relationships, not just the relationship between the wedding couple but also between their families, friends, and of course, the maid of honor.

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