jason vinson indian wedding baraat

20+ Fun-Filled Indian Wedding Baraat Images

It is no question that Indian weddings are rich with tradition, color, culture, and energy. Every ritual has deep meaning & significance behind it, In this article, we’re talking about one of our favorite parts of an Indian wedding: the baraat! Let’s find out more about what exactly happens during this processional and showcase some of our favorite Indian wedding baraat images that, above all, capture the emotion and energy of the day!

What is a Baraat?

In Hindu and Sikh weddings, the groom makes his way to the marriage site in a procession known as the Baraat. In Sikh Tradition, the Groom arrives wearing a sahara and saafa while carrying a kirpan. He is accompanied by family members, groomsmen, and friends. This ritual takes place an hour or so prior to the ceremony time. It serves as a way to get the party started a little earlier than the reception. The use of a Ghodi (white horse) as transport for the groom is a common Indian wedding tradition. Family members adorn the horse with embellishments to match the groom to prepare for the procession.

Indian Wedding Baraat Images

During the processional, the groom starts on his choice of transportation (traditionally a horse) and as he approaches the ceremony site he dismounts and joins the party. All along the way, the groom’s side of the family is partying their way to the ceremony site. This is a great opportunity to set the tone for the wedding day and get the party started early! A modern take on the Baraat entrance is for the Groom to enter in an extravagant car. However, in order to maintain the traditions of the ceremony, grooms sometimes choose to ride a horse to the ceremony.

linandjirsa indian wedding

Image by Lin and Jirsa

jason vinson hindu wedding baraat

Image by Jason Vinson

jos and tree indian wedding baraat images

Image by Jos and Tree

jos tree indian wedding

Image by Jos and Tree

Baraat Dancing Photos

The music during a Baraat sets the mood for the rest of the marriage event. Upbeat and exciting songs blasting as the Groom makes his way through the procession. Oftentimes, DJs will have a portable sound system as well as a Dhol player (traditional Indian drum). Modern Indian weddings showcase a fusion of Hip Hop and Bhangra mixing in Dhol beats for excitement.

jason vinson hindu wedding baraat images

Image by Jason Vinson

jos and tree indian wedding photography

Image by Jos and Tree

Indian Wedding Baraat Images of Guests

The baraat is a great opportunity to include your guests in the celebrations and make them a part of your event. Many DJ’s and planners provide instructions for guests on popular Bollywood and Bhangra dance moves to try. Oftentimes, this is a memorable time for guests at Indian weddings because they get to be involved and feel like they contribute to the fun & memories of the wedding.

jason vinson hindu wedding

Image by Jason Vinson

chad winstead baraat

Image by Chad Winstead

jos and tree indian wedding baraat

Image by Jos and Tree

raph nogal indian wedding baraat images

Image by Raph Nogal

josandtree indian wedding baraat images

Image by Jos and Tree

Baraat Family Photo Hug

Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography

These images hopefully brought a smile to your face and showed you just how fun and lively Indian weddings are! These Indian wedding baraat images are just one small facet of a long day of culture and tradition. We hope to share more inspiration with you soon!

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