Best Bridal Makeup Photos | Examples, Tips and Inspo

Below we would like to celebrate some of the best bridal makeup photos from our collection of best wedding photographers. Included in this collection of images are also photos of the bridal hair process and well as photos of putting on bridal jewelry.  In the following article, we’ll review the following:

  • The Best Bridal Makeup Photos (Inspiration)
  • Tips for Brides (for the best makeup photos)
  • Tips for Photographers

The Best Bridal Makeup Photos (Inspiration)

Getting ready details sam hurd washington dc photography
Image by Sam Hurd
makeup hair erum rizvi
Image by Erum Rizvi
reflection photo jason vinson
Image by Jason Vinson
Jos Woodsmith
Image by Jos Woodsmith
elizabeth lloyd st louis wedding photographer
Image by Elizabeth Lloyd
lin jirsa makeup hair photography
Image by Lin and Jirsa
reflection photo jason vinson
Image by Jason Vinson
sam hurd makeup phootgraphy
Image by Sam Hurd
Elizabeth Lloyd
Image by Elizabeth Lloyd
Scott Josuweit
Image by Scott Josuweit
Dan Dalstra
Image by Dan Dalstra
Wes Shinn
Image by Wes Shinn
Lyndah Wells
Image by Lyndah Wells
Mauricio Urena Garbanzo
Image by Mauricio Ureña Garbanzo

[More Images to Come from our award winning photographers!]

Tips for Brides (for the best makeup photos)

The hair and makeup process of your wedding day is a fun way to spend time with your bridesmaids and loved ones.  These moments of anticipation and excitement are perfect for creating lasting memories. Here are some tips for the best photos and overall experience for this part of the day.

  1. Go first – Even though you’re the host of the event, make sure you go first!  This gives you plenty of time for bridal portraits and other photos you might want to take after your hair and makeup are done.
  2. Book enough artists – Book enough artists to reasonably finish everyone’s hair and makeup on time.  The exact number will depend on the complexity of the looks and the artists/company that you go with, as each company will recommend different amount of time
  3. Plan enough time – Related to the tip above, be sure to plan enough time, with plenty of buffer time.  This part of the day can potentially go from fun and exciting to chaotic and stressful if everyone is on the clock and rushing to finish.  For the exact amount of time needed, consult your wedding team (photographer, planner, MUA).
  4. Relax – Remember to have fun, take it easy and contribute to a fun environment.  Good vibes only!
  5. Play music – Music in the room can help relax the room and fill any potential moments of silence.  You might be meeting members of your wedding vendor team for the first time that day, so music can help break the ice.

Tips for Photographers

For professional wedding photographers, here are some tips to capture a complete set of incredible images for the hair and makeup portion of the day.

  1. Don’t delay the day! – It’s part of your job to keep the schedule on time.  This might mean forgoing some shots that you normally capture or saving them for later.  Of course, be sure to talk through the wedding day with your bride prior to the wedding to understand her priorities for the day.  If lots of her must-have shots are from this part of the day, it might be worth prioritizing these shots and sacrificing time later in the day.
  2. Start at the right times – Plan your coverage to start at the tail end of the hair and makeup process.  Of course, plan with the bride, but oftentimes, brides don’t want many photos of themselves without their hair and makeup close to being done.  This usually means arriving no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the hair and makeup being completely done.
  3. Remember the storytelling formula – As you approach the scene, remember to capture a variety of views and angles.  Remember the trio of “Wide, Medium, and Tight.” Start with some wide shots of the scene, move in close for some medium crops and then don’t forget the tight crops.
  4. Anticipate and Prepare – The hair and make up part of the day is full of photojournalistic opportunities, so stay aware of your surroundings and the emotion around you.

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