Dog Ring Bearer – Cuteness Walking Down the Aisle

Your wedding is the most joyous moment in your life, with all of your friends and family members celebrating the occasion with you. So why leave your beloved dog out of it? Imagine your dog walking down the aisle carrying the wedding rings and adding some pawseome charm to the ceremony. But before you enlist the help of your furry friend, we have list of considerations that you should keep in mind. Join us as we present essential tips for having a dog ring bearer help you make the most important walk of your life even more special.

Can Your Dog Be Your Ring Bearer?

Deciding whether to include your dog as a ring bearer in your wedding requires evaluating their behavior, their training and the wedding setting.

Temperament – Start by assessing your dogs temperament. Is your dog calm and at ease in noisy surroundings and unfamiliar settings? A mannered sociable dog that remains composed and doesn’t easily get anxious or overly excited is more likely to handle the role.

A few pups are a bit edgy and can’t handle the crowd very well. Yours might be that one and may try to bark, jump, or bite the people with this much attention during the ceremony. It’s also possible your dog may behave aggressively in a new environment or simply out of jealousy while you and your soulmate are busy with other guests. This makes sense because dogs are known to be restless or uncomfortable around certain people.  

Training – Is your dog trained? Training is essential; your dog should respond to commands. Be comfortable walking on a leash without pulling. Your dog may already know what to do when you say “Come,” but he might run towards you every time. For this role, you need to train the dog to heel or walk with a loose leash for a few days. Also, consider bringing him or her around large groups of people to ensure they feel at ease with the arrangement.

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Moreover couples need to consider aspects.

  • Venue Rules – Confirm that the venue permits pets
  • Caretaker – Arrange for someone to look after the dog during the event during the ceremony and reception when you’ll be busy. Choose a handler whom the dog trusts and who can oversee them before during and after their duties as a ring bearer.
  • Backup Plan – Also have a plan in place, for breaks, water supply and a quiet spot where the dog can unwind if they get overwhelmed. Also, think about having a strategy in case your dog isn’t able to fulfill their responsibilities on the day.

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You know your dog more than anyone, so ask yourself whether they will enjoy the long wedding day or get scared, anxious, or aggressive. If the answer is the latter, it is best to go the traditional route. 

How to Make Your Dog Your Ring Bearer?

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If your dog is calm, friendly around many people, and well-behaved, you can train them to be the missing piece of the puzzle and perfectly play the ring bearer role. Here are the steps to take after you’ve made your decision to make your dog the ring bearer.

Choose an Outfit

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The first step is to get your dog a wedding outfit. Consider a dressm tuxedo, bow tie, black hat, jacket, and fancy harness or leash that complements your wedding theme. Make sure the dress or tux fits well but not too tight. You can also introduce your dog to a pillow, basket, or pouch attached to the collar to carry the rings.

It’s good to let the dog get the hang of the whole attire with a few try-ons before the wedding. 


To ensure an stress-free, adorable performance, make sure your dog is comfortable in the wedding environment. Consider practicing before the wedding by bringing the dog around crowds and doing casual rehearsals of the moment. Some couples even set up a mock ceremony to practice leading up to the ceremony. At the very least, consider having the pup at the wedding rehearsal prior to the ceremony.

Walking the Dog Down the Aisle

During the actual ceremony, ask the handler to walk down the aisle at a low and steady pace. If the dog resists or tightens up the leash, stop until the dog settles down. Let the handler give the dog a treat and continue walking down the aisle. When the dog reaches the front, consider offering a treat as a reward. 

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What Should You Do With the Dog After the Wedding Ceremony?

Your dog is your loyal buddy and, more than that, a family member, and it is wrong to leave him wandering around after the vows are spoken and the deal is sealed. 

If your wedding venue is pet-friendly, you can keep the dog with you and let your guests take pictures to capture the cuteness in the air. 

Otherwise, you should arrange a dog sitter beforehand and ask anyone who lives nearby to take the dog back to your home. This will give you peace of mind, and you can focus on the upcoming celebrations instead of worrying about the dog all the time.

Involving Dogs in Wedding Photos

If you decide to include your dog in the wedding photos, be sure to limit the number of photos that the dog is included in. Since dogs aren’t always looking into the camera, their inclusion could slow down the photography session. Snag a few great shots and then move on!

Photo by We The Light

We recommend that you involve your dog in the following photos:

  1. A few creative couples photos
  2. One or two photos of the entire family
  3. One or two photos of the entire wedding party

Including your dog as a ring bearer can add a unique and heartwarming touch to your wedding. By considering your dog’s temperament, training, and the venue’s rules, you can help ensure a smooth experience. Thoughtful preparation, such as choosing the right outfit, practicing the walk, and having a dedicated handler, will make a big difference. Don’t forget to have a backup plan and post-ceremony arrangements for your dog’s comfort. By involving your furry friend in your special day, you’ll create unforgettable memories and highlight the special bond you share.

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