29 Mountain Wedding Photos For Your Inspiration

There is something undeniably romantic about mountains. For couples planning their wedding day, mountains provide a stunning backdrop that is sure to leave guests speechless. Whether you choose to exchange vows beneath a towering mountain range or simply use the mountains as a scenic backdrop for photos, they are sure to add a unique and memorable element to your wedding. For couples looking to start their lives together in a beautiful and peaceful setting, mountains make the perfect backdrop for their wedding day.  In this article, we’ve compiled a gallery of 29+ of the best mountain wedding photos for your inspiration.

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Wedding Ceremonies in the Mountains

Below are some of our favorite photos of wedding ceremonies in the mountains.  In general, mountain wedding venues can be more difficult to get to, as they are usually further away from large cities and freeways.  However, the peaceful, organic environment creates a beauty and scene that is well worth the travel.

 contact@lessiebluephotography.com Photo by Lessie Blue Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Griffin House in Hood River, Oregon


Photo by Kristin Cheatwood (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho

Adventure Mountain Portraits and Elopements

Mountain elopement photography is a popular option for adventurous couples who are looking to capture their love in a unique and intimate setting. The environment creates opportunities for beautiful and unique photos that will be cherished for years to come.

Mountain elopement photography offers couples the opportunity to truly focus on each other without the pressures and obligations of a traditional wedding day. This often results in photos that are genuinely reflective of the couple’s connection.

 gretchen@gretchentroop.com Photo by Gretchen Troop (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in Dillon, Colorado

 hello@larsenphoto.co Photo by Larsen Photo Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at in Estes Park, CO
 lazzat.v@gmail.com Photo by Lazzat Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Breckenridge Lodge in Colorado

 marlies@mhartphoto.com Photo by Marlies Hartmann (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Matterhorn

 tismanphoto@gmail.com Photo by Jeff Tisman (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) in Killington Vermont

Blue Skies in Mountain Wedding and Engagement Photos

On clear days the skies at higher elevations can be gorgeously blue.  Whether you are breathing in the crisp, clean air or appreciating the 360 degree views of nature, a mountain portrait session for your wedding or engagement photos is sure to create valued memories and images.  See some examples below.

 courtland@courtlandphotography.com Photo by Courtland Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Lake Tahoe\Emerald Bay in California, Lake Tahoe
 info@mandgweddingphotography.co.uk Photo by M and G Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Inn On The Lake, Lake Ullswater in The Lake District


Photo by SMJ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Yosemite National Park in California
 shane@shanetrotter.net Photo by Shane Trotter (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Logan Schoals Lookout in Lake Tahoe, NV


Photo by 4 Eyes Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Moraine Lake in Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta

Cloudy and Moody Mountain Portraits

Weather can be difficult to predict and you might end up with clouds or even fog on your wedding day. Cloudy days are often thought of as being drab and dreary. However, for photographers, cloudy days can actually be quite ideal. The lack of direct sunlight means that there is less contrast, which can make it easier to capture well-exposed photos in every direction. In addition, clouds can help to diffuse light, resulting in softer, more flattering shadows. And because the light is less intense, colors tend to appear more subdued and natural on cloudy days. So if there are clouds for your mountain wedding or engagement photos, don’t worry.  Embrace the mood and vibe!

 bernadetakupiec@gmail.com Photo by Bernadeta Kupiec (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Glencoe, Scotland in Scotland
 info@jessieanddallin.com Photo by Jessie and Dallin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Glacier National Park in Montana


Photo by Michael Freas (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Wayah Bald @ Nantahala Weddings and Events in Topton, NC


Photo by Angie Nelson (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at West Maui Mountains, Maui, Hawaii in Waihe’e, Maui, Hawaii


Photo by Peaks and Vows (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at San Juan Mountains in Silverton, Colorado

 weshinn@gmail.com Photo by Wes Shinn (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia


Photo by Dan Dalstra (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Franklin Mts. State Park in El Paso, Texas

Sunset Mountain Wedding Photos

Of course, golden hour and vibrant sunsets are gorgeous over any landscape in the world, including the mountains.  See some of our favorite examples below.


Photo by Marlies Hartmann (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Yosemite, CA Photo by Jos and Tree (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Timberline Lodge Resort in Timberline, Oregon


Photo by Jay Cassario (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Ho Chi Minh Trail, San Diego, CA
Photo by Salmada Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Hole in the Rock, Papago Park in Phoenix Arizona


Photo by Chance Freeze (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Photo by Holding and Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Yosemite National Park in California
Photo by Loc Le (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Mount Rainier National Park in Mount Rainier National Park
Photo by Sean Thurston (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Raven’s Roost along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia


Photo by Kivus and Camera (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Ridge Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina

Below is an example of using panoramic stitching in your mountain portrait photography.

Try Panoramic Stitching for Incredible Wide-Angle ImagesPhoto by Lin and Jirsa (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

Abstract Mountain Portraits

Photographers often use abstract or advanced techniques to their photos such as silhouettes, double exposures, and reflections.  When combined with a gorgeous mountain backdrop, the results can be impactful and impressive.  See some examples below.


Photo by Dave Shay (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

 choosestudio22@gmail.com Photo by Studio 22 Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Sunriver in Oregon

Below is an example of using double exposure photography in your mountain portrait photography.


Photo by Andreas Pollok (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Füssen Allgäu in Bayern


A mountain wedding is the perfect way to start your life together, with the natural beauty of the setting and the intimate feeling that it can provide. A mountain wedding can be anything from a small gathering of close family and friends to a large and lavish affair. Regardless of your budget, a mountain wedding is an excellent choice. The scenery is unlike anything you will find elsewhere, and the atmosphere is both romantic and relaxed. If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to begin your life together, consider getting married in the mountains.

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