Donna Marie Photography

Quality time and genuine interactions are things that I value sharing with the people in my life.

Those make-your-cheeks-hurt laughing moments, the “OMG ME TOO!” realizations, belting out lyrics to your favorite songs together, bonding over delicious meals or having deep conversations.

Those will always be core memories, and that’s what I want to document and create when I’m photographing elopements.

After having a big wedding myself, and having photographed large weddings for several years, I thought that was all there was. But when I photographed my first elopement all those years agoI fell in love.

Having a day so intimate and personal allows for those little relationship moments to shine through in every part of it. The one-on-one time you get with your partner, and the people you include is that much sweeter.

Soooo, I guess you could say I’m pretty obsessed with elopements haha


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