Best Man Speech Tips and Ideas

So, you are the Best Man at a wedding? The speech can be intimidating. But here are some tips to help you compile a great Best Man speech that will leave you confident for your big moment! Be funny, be entertaining, be… the BEST MAN.  Use these top 8 tips to help you get your Best Man game face on.


Do not feel like a failure by taking notes. Not everyone is great at memorizing a whole speech meant to be spoken in front of possibly  hundreds of people.  Take notes. Have them on hand when the big day comes. You don’t have to write the whole speech in notes, just give yourself bullet points for the key points that you want to mention. Use your cell phone if needed.. Just TAKE NOTES and be prepared. It will make you less anxious and be ready to just be one of the stars of the show!

Should you memorize your best man speech?  If possible, memorize the majority of your speech and bring a paper or card with a few notes and a general outline.  The general outline will get you back on track if you get lost.  If you have too much text to look through on the spot, however, it may take you too long to find your place again.


The old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” People can get really awkward when it comes to public speaking. It really helps a lot if you actually practice your speech in front of an actual audience. You can use your friends, family, or even those not affiliated with the wedding. You can get a great feel for what makes you nervous and what you should work on when you can get honest feedback from an actual audience.

Who is the best person to practice your best man’s speech with?  A fellow groomsman is our recommended option.  This close friend should be able to see things from your point of view, have a good understanding of the couples’ relationship, and know how far you can push the boundaries of your best man jokes.


Your opening line can make or break your Best Man speech. Get their attention right off the bat. You were called to be the Best Man for a reason. You are one of the voices of the wedding. You are one of the faces of the wedding. Your opening line should be one that gets everyone to stop and give you their full attention. Grab them in! Make them WANT to listen to you!


The goal is to entertain the audience without boring them. Keep it short and sweet and entertaining without boring them to death. Use your notes and bullet points and focus on those. It’s perfectly okay to “freestyle” your speech. But use your notes to your advantage and use them to keep you in check and on point.

How long should the best man speech be?  We recommend 3 to 5 minutes.  Just like the average length of a hit song, the 3-5 minute mark is enough time to make an impact without dragging it on.


While part of being the Best Man includes you being somewhat of comedian, don’t get caught up in using foul words or bad language. It’s a wedding, not a comedy show. The Bride and Groom may be perfectly okay with dark humor. But, keep in mind that they have family and friends as guests who may find raw humor as “distasteful.” Keep it entertaining without using profanity.


One of the most important things you can do to prepare for your role as the Best Man is to be prepared. Bachelor party, suit fitting, etc.  can easily distract you from concentrating on your role as the Best Man. Set aside time to practice your speech. Whether in front of the mirror, in your car, in front of friends.. Just PRACTICE. It will make it a whole lot less nerve wrecking when the big day comes.


The last thing you should do is bring negativity to the newly-wed couple on their big day. Leave out jokes and stories from their previous relationships. Making personal jokes towards the Groom is competently fine,  as long as it doesn’t cause issues with them as a couple. Be mindful of what you say and don’t get their honeymoon off to a bad start. be the Best man… not the bad guy.


Making jokes towards the groom and yourself is all fun and games. But, don’t forget to show some respect to the parents whom have probably paid for and usually, made this big day happen. The best approach you can take is to lead with jokes and be entertaining, but, finish with a sentimental approach thanking the parents and acknowledging them for raising such a wonderful child and making that day so special and unforgettable. This will not only show your “silly” side in reference to your relationship with the groom, but it will also show your humbleness towards the fact that you are honored for being selected as the Best Man and that you respect the Bride and Groom and their families

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