26 Bridge

The industrial, brick-lined walls of 26 Bridge are the perfect backdrop for a chic Manhattan wedding! Down under an old overpass in Brooklyn is this handsome and refurbished factory. Which is now turned into a trendy venue with new furnishings that capture all the beauty of its original frame. Still, while bringing modern amenities to life. The high ceilings, enormous wooden doors, and stunning skylights beautifully pair with stylish wood floors completes the contemporary feels.  Also, while creating unforgettable experience where you can celebrate your union on a beautiful ground surrounded by rustic history.

Imagine how beautiful your wedding and reception can be at 26 Bridge. With open floor plans, various seating arrangements for guests to enjoy food during cocktail hour or dinner time; you have everything that will suit any dream vision of what a perfect day may look like! Their intimate space is filled with love no matter which way one turns their head. Ranging from portraits on display, to friends having an evening filled with dancing. Toasts filled with joy will be shouted out at every table as everyone enjoys themselves in the true celebration of love.

A wedding night at 26 Bridge is an experience that your guests will never forget. From the moment they walk in the venue, until the end of the evening when you are saying goodbye with glasses filled with champagne. The memories from this event are sure to last for years!

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