Alberta Arts District

The Alberta Arts District is one of the most innovative neighborhoods in Portland. It’s located along NE Alberta Street, but it also encompasses Vernon and Concordia as well! Also, it’s a place where different cultures come together. The colors and designs reflect Latino, Asian, and African-American culture. In addition, it showcases sensibilities that create a unique ambiance quite distinct from other areas in town. On one hand, Alberta is even the epitome of artistry as everywhere is picturesque and truly a feast to the eyes!

Moreover, a bustling Alberta Arts District has been home to struggling families and disenfranchised citizens alike. But in recent years, it has grown from a poor area of the city into one that is thriving. Creative artisans now call this artistic haven their own, as they work hard on projects for both themselves or sell items created there through various shops run by entrepreneurs who live locally too! Amazingly, the Last Thursday street festival takes place every end of the month. As it’s an opportunity for art enthusiasts and foodies alike to enjoy. The event celebrates all that is great about Alberta, as people come together with a goal: to consume good foods from around the globe and experience different cultures through their artworks on display.

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