Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

In 1923, Alfred and Louise Maclay purchased a property in Tallahassee for their humble winter home. Over the years, they established one of Florida’s most beautiful and iconic ornamental gardens. As history may, Mrs. Maclay donated the gardens to Florida in 1953, nine years after her husband’s death. She expressed a wish that they be maintained as an eternal memorial for him. Also, as to be enjoyed by all of the people of Florida.

Moreover, the spectacular beauty of this garden includes a picturesque brick pathway. Followed by lined by camellias and azaleas. Also, there are secret gardens, including urns filled with orchids. Additionally, fern fronds are spilling out onto stone steps leading up into treetop canopies. From there, you are greeted by the sounds from different species of birds. All of that can be found in this spectacular garden! Not only that, this place is also perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony – both grandiose or elopement style! Just think about the historic background of this venue, the love that lingers within it – the beauty of nature. It is indeed yet another place to say “I do” with family and friends.

On the other hand, if you ever need to get out of a city and have an opportunity for some peace, the Lake Hall at the Maclay Gardens is your place. Here are the many opportunities that await: swimming with friends; fishing near lily pads; kayaking through emerald waters. Keep this spot on hand if you’re looking for fresh air – even better, bring someone special! Also, for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll, the park offers two short nature trails overlooking Lake Overstreet. You can never really get enough of this place!

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