Antelope Island State Park

What’s more American than a scenic drive along the Great Salt Lake? That’s exactly what you can do on Antelope Island State Park. With its wide open spaces and breathtaking views, this is one destination not to be missed. “You can see wildlife in this park!” This is what the locals say. The island was without its namesake antelope for many years, but they were reintroduced and now live all around there!

Deer, bobcats and coyotes call the island home. Bison were introduced in 1893 to Antelope Island as a way of preserving American wildlife. Today, there are 600 strong! Also, the annual bison roundup each fall makes for an excellent time-to-spot wild animals roaming around freely. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, then this island is the perfect destination. There are so many activities that visitors can take part in. From sunbathing on white sand beaches or hiking up mountains with stunning views of both ocean and land below them! You’ll find horseback riding trails here too. Also, the salty water of Great Salt Lake is so high in buoyancy that people float on its surface. Because it’s several times saltier than the ocean, swimmers enjoy an extra strenuous but fun experience!

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