Arches National Park

Take a walk through Arches National Park to discover the world’s greatest collection of natural stone arches and soaring pinnacles. The park has over 2,000 amazingly different types of rocks! All with diverse colors that make up its landscape unlike any other place in America or abroad! In fact, the story of Arches begins roughly 65 million years ago. It was a dry seabed spreading from horizon to horizon. And if you stood in Devils Garden, then the striking red rock features you see today would have been buried thousands of feet below your feet.

Also, the landscape slowly began changing when erosion took hold on these arid lands. Which led up into cracks between rocks where rainwater is collected, but also caused more soil particles through runoff. Eventually forming caves and gullies within some sedimentary formations. Water shapes this environment more than any other force. Rain erodes the rock and carries sediment down washes to finally fill up rivers like Colorado River, which is home for many animals in its natural habitats. All while still being one of America’s top tourist attractions!

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