Bjärsjölagård Castle

Bjärsjölagård Castle in Sweden is truly the best venue to offer a memorable wedding! This astonishing 15th-century castle offers an amazing atmosphere to celebrate one of life’s greatest milestones. Located in the breathtaking landscape of western Småland county, this majestic castle overlooks rolling hills covered in lush forests and boasts exquisite parkland that looks like it’s from a fairytale. 

Not only does it have the historical charm that couples are looking for, but the staff at Bjärsjölagård Castle also take great pride in offering attentive and personalized attention to all that stay under their roof. If a couple of wishes for an intimate gathering or a large wedding celebration, Bjärsjölagård has offerings catered to both sizes. From arranged transportation pick-up to providing delectable regional cuisine onsite, couples can rest assured their experience will be nothing short of spectacular!

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