Botanical Garden in Lund

The Botanical Garden in Lund, Sweden is a popular wedding venue due to its natural beauty and picturesque setting. This venue offers a wide range of stunning gardens and outdoor spaces, making it perfect for couples who want to exchange their vows surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers. Also, the rental fees for this venue can vary depending on the specific location within the garden that you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Moreover, The Botanical Garden in Lund can accommodate weddings of various sizes, from small and intimate gatherings to larger celebrations with up to several hundred guests. The venue offers amenities such as outdoor seating, access to electricity, and catering services. The city of Lund offers a variety of nearby activities for guests to enjoy, such as museums, galleries, and outdoor parks. Additionally, the Botanical Garden itself has a café and a gift shop for visitors to browse.

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