Brookside Golf Club

Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena is a hidden gem when it comes to wedding venues. They offer two gorgeous, world-renowned golf courses that are both perfect for the ceremony and reception! Along with this, they have great food options too. As well as event planners who will help you make your day special without any worries on your end. Also, they have more than enough space to accommodate all of your guests comfortably.

Located only minutes away from one of Southern California’s most popular attractions, The Rose Bowl – Brookside Golf Club has been able to provide an outstanding experience for couples searching for their dream location! In addition, guests can enjoy the views of the San Gabriel Mountains, lush lawn and surrounding trees on their special day! Not to mention, you and your wedding party will be provided with a dressing room. Where you can get ready and prepare for the festivities of the day!

For a truly special occasion, why not have the catering team craft an extravagant Champagne Lunch with displays of fruit and cheese? They can also provide you other beverage for those who are feeling more indulgent. The culinary team at Brookside Golf Club provides a fresh, innovative experience for events. On which guests have come to expect from the venue. They prepare each dish with care and attention in order to ensure its uniqueness – just like their customer service!

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