Camp Nawakwa

Nawakwa has been an outdoor gathering place for Lutherans since 1929. Located just outside of Arendtsville, Adams County Pennsylvania. Wear a Nawakwa sweatshirt and you’re sure to run into someone who’s spent time there!

Further, Camp Nawakwa knows that history is important, and they’re proud of it. They want to preserve well-loved traditions, while looking forward to new ways for sharing the Word. Also, with their 336 wooded acres of land, they provide hiking opportunities, outdoor chapels, playing fields, volleyball courts and basketball courts as well. Consequently, being part of a Lutheran Christian community has helped many campers grow. In terms of their personal faith, self-confidence and interactions with others.

On the other hand, at Nawakwa, they offer various programs throughout the year. Additionally, they also have facilities and equipment available to rent for your next event! One of the most popular space for celebrations is the Council Circle. It is a large stone amphitheater in the forest with carved seats for people to sit on and enjoy themselves. It’s perfect if you’re looking to have an outdoor event (especially weddings) because this will be the place where everyone can come together! In like manner, the staff at this summer camp are very helpful with any questions that you might need answering about the activities or policies in general. Also, they’ll be happy to show you around the camp once you’ve decided to give this unique venue a visit!

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